Contract Award for the Modernization of IADS Air Surveillance Sensors

10 October 2018

NSPA has awarded Lockheed Martin Global Inc. a 22 MUSD contract for the upgrade of the Iceland Air Defence System (IADS) AN/FPS-117 Long Range Air Surveillance Radars.

This upgrade will deliver a technology refresh to the radar signal and data processing groups, eliminating obsolescence and improving the system’s supportability. Additionally, the capability of the radars will be enhanced to meet the most current requirements for air surveillance systems in NATO air operations. This cooperation project between NATO and Iceland will provide improved air surveillance capability in an area of strategic importance for the Alliance.

The NSPA Communications, Air and Missile Defence Programme provides through life cycle management, technical and logistics support services for the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (NATINAMDS) Early Warning Sensors, and is implementing this project on behalf of Iceland.