20.000 port visits supported by NSPA

05 October 2018

To recognize an important milestone in the Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP), a ceremony was held at the naval base in Zeebrugge Belgium, as the first and the 20.000th LOGREQ were both submitted by Belgian warships.

The NPSA Deputy Director of Support to Operations, Mr. Allan McLeod stated that :"Recognition of 20.000 port visits would not be possible without noting the superb efforts of our contractors over the past 18 years. Without their untiring support, dogged determination, and their can-do attitude we would not be able to receive the support we need. The combination of this contractor support and NSPA expertise has allowed us to grow from 120 visits in 2001 to over 2.400 per year now."

The NSLP allows member navies to receive fuel and access to a large panel of services in thousands of ports worldwide. For more information on NLSP, click here.