Incoming NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force Commander visits NSPA

13 September 2018

Recently NSPA hosted a visit for the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance force (NAGSF) to welcome and familiarize the incoming Commander of the Force, Brigadier General Phillip A. Stewart, with AGS activities.  The delegates included Colonel Stefano Bianca, Deputy Commander; Colonel Salvatore Lombardi, Branch Head Ops and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Kraft, Staff Officer SEIO.

Mr Rudolf Maus, the Director of the Life Cycle Management Directorate, and Mr Douglas Heintz, the AGS System Manager, gave an overview  of the Agency and an in depth update on NSPA’s AGS Core Support System for the incoming Commander, who took over the Force responsibilities from his predecessor Colonel Pedro Renn at the Change of Command Ceremony on 10 September, which occurred at the Sigonella naval air station in Italy.  After a successful, co-operative relationship with the outgoing Commander, NSPA looks forward to working with BGen Stewart and his team on this multifaceted endeavor.