NSPA opens its new gate, delivering improved security and safety

09 August 2018

The opening of the new gate finishes a project that started in 2014 with the requirement definition to improve the access to the NSPA premises in Capellen. After approval and budget allocation actual construction work on the project started in June 2017 and was completed just over a year later in July 2018. Key to success was the excellent coordination between Luxembourg government agencies, construction and security companies and the Agency as the future operator of this security capability.

The new gate provides an integrated entry control point, incorporating a security zone in which the guards may control and search both personnel and vehicles. It is equipped with the latest security infrastructure to deter, detect and delay attempts to penetrate the site’s perimeter. A  badge-activated turnstile separates pedestrian access from vehicles, while a guard in an armoured guard post controls the entry of cars. Trucks have a separate entrance, controlled remotely from a monitoring room.

This new facility will considerably enhance the security for the Agency’s staff and visitors, while the separation of pedestrians from vehicles will contribute towards a safer working environment. Improved traffic flow through the gate will also improve road safety on the Rue de la Gare and will create a better environment for the Agency’s residential neighbours.

Luxembourg’s Public Building Administration (Administration des bâtiments publics) together with the Agency’s Infrastructure Office managed the project, employing six architect and engineering offices and integrating eight different construction companies. The project could not have been realized without the contributions of the nations, exemplarily to be mentioned the Host Nation Luxembourg generously financing a big part of the costs.

The new gate presents a contemporary public exterior, of which the Agency is justifiably proud.