Increase in operational airlift capability for the Afghan Air Force

30 July 2018

Kabul Airport, inside the massive silhouette of the Antonov 124 three fully refurbished Mi-17 helicopters for the Afghan Air Force (AAF).

These helicopters were originally unfit for service and heavily damaged. At the request of the US Department of Defense, NSPA overhauled and repaired these aircraft to allow them to be returned to service. The Mi-17 AAF is the main rotary wing platform operated by the AAF. 
The maintenance and repair activities were managed by NSPA through various contracts with different repair and overhaul sources. Despite the complexity of the project, requiring a high amount of coordination, on July 28th, the Antonov 124 (chartered by NSPA) picked-up the Mi-17s at different European locations for delivery to Afghanistan.

The successful return of these helicopters into the Afghan Air Force inventory ensures a significant increase in operational airlift capability.