NSPA Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation capability executed for the very first time in support of the Greek Army

23 July 2018

Mid July 2018, the operational logistics support partnership’s (OLSP) Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation (Strat AE) capability successfully transported a Greek Army patient from Thessaloniki, Greece to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota USA.

On 04 July 2018, NSPA received a Patient Movement Request (PMR) from the Greek OLSP national representative. Subsequently on 11 July 2018, the NSPA Contractor’s Air Ambulance was prepositioned in Greece in order to pick up the Greek patient the following day. The transatlantic journey to the United States started shortly after sunrise on 12 July 2018. After arriving in the United States, by air transport, the Greek patient was immediately transfered by ground ambulance to the US Mayo Clinic and successfully admitted for medical care on the same day.

"On behalf of the Hellenic Army ... the [Strat AE] services provided were in compliance with the agreement and the overall performance of the company was exemplary" said Colonel Loannis Keliafanos, HAGS Logistics Directorate and Greece’s OLSP National Representative.

NSPA’s Strat AE capability is comprised of standing commercial outline agreements between NSPA and industry that were established in 2015 by NSPA OLSP and the SHAPE Contract Integrator Team. The capability is available to all OLSP member nations at any time and to non OLSP nations whilst in direct support of NATO approved operations.

The OLSP Committee approved and funded NSPA to conduct a tabletop training exercise with industry and its nations. The exercise was conducted in Spring of 2018; the exercise proved beneficial as it tested and validated procedures to execute the Strat AE capability.

To activate and achieve service delivery, the NSPA Strat AE capability requires a cross-functional NSPA project with members from the OLSP Office, the Finance, Procurement, and Transportation & Warehousing Divisions, as well as the General and Cooperative Services Programme Office. This mission’s success was achieved due to the dedication, coordination and cooperation of this cross-functional NSPA team.