Visit to Allied Joint Force Command HQ

10 July 2018

Mr. Peter Dohmen, General Manager and Mr. Orhan Muratli, Director Support of Operations visited the Allied Joint Force Command HQ in Brunssum. Office Calls were performed with General Marchiò, Commander and Lt. General de Reviers de Mauny, Chief of Staff as well as a Round-table meeting with the Act. DCOS SPT, ACOS J-4, FIN CON and representatives from J-ENG, the Afghan Focus Group and the NATO Deterrence Work Group.

Information was provided on the Agency’s ongoing projects in support of RS and NATO deterrence. Special emphasis was put on the prioritization mechanism by the Military and appropriate resource allocation by NSPA.

At the end of the visit, the General Manager concluded: “The visit confirmed the longstanding good relationship with Allied Joint Force Command and its leadership. This fosters a constructive and transparent exchange of information about the Resolute Support Mission and NATO Deterrence initiatives.” Both organizations expressed the wish to continue and strengthen the cooperation.