Agency Supervisory Board meeting held on 26-27 June 2018

02 July 2018

The NSPO Agency Supervisory Board (ASB) met in Capellen, Luxembourg, the day after the celebration event for the Organization’s 60th anniversary and 50 years of presence in Luxembourg.

Nations received an update on NSPA’s operational activities spanning across a wide range of areas, and expressed their appreciation for the work performed by the Agency to meet customer requirements. The Board noted the progress made to develop an effective customer satisfaction model, a project considered by the General Manager to be instrumental to the Agency’s continued success. The Enterprise Risk Management report for 2018 was presented, which contained the five main risks identified by management and the associated mitigation activities. The Board also received an update on financial matters and noted the progress made in the Agency’s transition to achieve compliance with the NATO Financial Regulations.

Perhaps the most important topic of this meeting was the review of an initial Strategic Infrastructure Plan, developed to address immediate as well as long-term accommodation requirements at the Capellen site to meet the projected growth in activities. The Board expressed its sincere appreciation to the Luxembourg authorities for their generous contribution and commitment towards this project. Following deliberations, nations agreed to schedule an extraordinary meeting of the LOG and FAA Committees in September so as to refine the options to be considered during the regular autumn 2018 cycle of meetings.

Finally, following a review of the ASB’s strategic role during the course of 2016 and 2017, the Board agreed to establish the ASB Strategic Advisory Group (SAG). The SAG is a subordinate body aimed to build and maintain a consultative framework between the ASB (governance) and the Agency (management). As part of its mission, the SAG will recommend annual objectives and strategic-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the ASB, and review the Agency’s performance against the said objectives.

Upon closing, the ASB Chairperson, Ms Jennifer C. HUBBARD, expressed her gratitude on all the efforts made to make this meeting a success and moving this Organisation forward.