NATO Trust Fund : medical rehabilitation for 10 injured servicemen

18 June 2018

In the framework of the NATO Trust Fund on medical rehabilitation, NSPA takes the role of executing agent on behalf of Bulgaria, Lead Nation. Early June 2018, 10 injured servicemen were sent to Bulgaria to attend a two-week rehabilitation program. This first group was accompanied by NSPA project supervisor, Mrs Melnychenko as well as  the Commissioner to the President of Ukraine on rehabilitation of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) participants, Mr Svyridenko; who himself was injured in 2014 while participating in the on-going ATO.

The Trust Fund has already supported directly about 300 injured servicemen from Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Border Guards and National Guards through rehabilitation services received in Lithuania, Estonia, United States, Portugal and France. Over the next two years the intention is to support an additional 300 injured ATO participants through the provision of rehabilitation at the military hospital Kaleroa in the city of Hisar, Bulgaria.