28th Random Brokerage Support User Conference held in Poland

16 May 2018

The 28th Random Brokerage Support Users Group (RBS UC) Committee met recently in Krakow. Users were  updated on the status of supplies, services and projects randomly generated by the Allied Armed Forces, NATO Military Authorities and eligible Partner Nations.

Activities managed under RBS vary greatly, from COTS materiel to multi-year development and execution of complex projects in several areas: Dismounted Soldier Equipment, Mobility Support Equipment, Sustainability, Survivability and Lethality Equipment, GSE, Vehicles, Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency. 

Participants were also briefed on the new RBS PD 3999 and on the enhancement of proper Project Management methodology within the LB Programme which will ensure a more efficient and effective delivery of projects to RBS Users.

The committee extended its appreciation and fully endorsed NSPA’s efforts in this area.