NSPA hosts delegation from SHAPE

17 April 2018

During his visit to NSPA this week Lieutenant General Hugues Delort-Laval, Vice Chief of Staff SHAPE, took time out to sign the NSPA Guest Book. The delegation from SHAPE also included Head of Contracts Mr Danny Hovare, Executive Assistant Lieutenant Colonel Xavier Martin and Aide-de-Camp Captain Audrey Chauchiel.

This visit was an important opportunity for the Agency to provide an overview of our planning in support of the NATO Command Structure Adaptation. A general overview of NSPA was also provided to the visiting delegation.

“Getting to further learn about the agency’s demanding missions and its staff expertise reinforces the existing positive relationship SHAPE has with NSPA. We have a high level of confidence in NSPA’s performance and we expect this to continue in the future,” highlighted Lieutenant General Delort-Laval.