NSPA GM briefs NATO Investment Committee

13 March 2018

General Manager Mr Peter Dohmen had the opportunity to provide a briefing to the NATO Investment Committee (IC) recently.  The briefing outlined the activities in the Agency during 2017, with a special focus on the projects funded through the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP). The Investment Committee, one of the oldest committees in NATO, is responsible for the NSIP which provides common funds for the development and implementation of capabilities that are required for NATO missions but not provided by member nations.

"The NSPA plays a key role in delivering NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) projects on-time, on-scope and on-budget.  As such, the General Manager’s briefing provided a welcomed strategic perspective on the delivery of NSIP projects.  The subsequent discussion enabled Allies to express their appreciation for the work done by the Agency, discuss implementation issues and convey their expectations for future support," said Mr Francesco Romano, Committee Chairman.

The IC funds several important projects currently being implemented by NSPA, in particular projects for Allied Operations and Missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, deployable camps which are part of NATO’s Capability Packages and support for Host Nation Italy for the Alliance Ground Surveillance infrastructure programme at its main operating base in Sigonella. 

During this session, the IC also approved two projects to conduct special studies related to the Concept Stage of Alliance Future Surveillance Capability (AFSC).  NATO’s current Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) is expected to retire in 2035 and the AFSC project will develop options for future NATO surveillance and control capabilities.  Currently NSPA is the lead NATO agency for nine separate projects under the AFSC Concept Stage which will be funded by the IC.