Workshop explores logistics support to NRF

16 February 2018

The NATO Logistics Committee asked NSPA to host a workshop for multinational collective contracting for the NATO Response Force(NRF). The workshop, organized on behalf of NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO), was held in Capellen recently. The extensive programme covered all aspects of delivery of supplies and services including policy and legal aspects of delivery of complex collective and multinational contractual support. There was extensive work through syndicate discussions on the most effective and efficient way of delivering contracting support through NSPA.

The workshop was designed to enhance nations’ ability to deliver requirements for multinational and collective contracting to support potential NRF deployments in support of collective defence.  “NSPA offers a wealth of experience in this area as we have been providing extensive support to the NRF nations for many years. In this conference we are really trying to work with nations who have NRF responsibilities and assist them consolidate the logistics and services support they know now that they are going to need,” highlighted Mr. Orhan MURATLI, Director, NSPA Support to Operations Directorate.

More than 70 participants attended with representatives from NATO member nations, NATO HQ, the NATO Command and Force Structure.  Topics covered during the workshop included the full spectrum of support to operations: real life support, transport, fuel, engineering construction material, defence stores and bridging.  “The workshop was a great opportunity for the agency to gain better insight into NRF requirements and ensure multinational collective solutions are developed further. SHAPE, as the requirement holder, works as a linking pin between nations and the logistics and contracting experts here at NSPA,” said Mr. Peter Dohmen, NSPA General Manager.