SAC conducts joint airdrop training

06 February 2018

On February 5, the Heavy Airlift Wing conducted joint airdrop training with the Hungarian Defense Forces paratroopers. The training was conducted at Pápa Air Base, the home station of the Strategic Airlift Capability C-17 fleet. An essential component of the Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) air operations, and one that is increasingly requested by the member nations, is the capability to perform airdrops. The Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW), the operational unit of the SAC, has the ability to perform single-ship airdrop of paratroopers, Container Delivery System (CDS) bundles, and platforms with heavy equipment.

In order to maintain the airdrop ability at all times, HAW aircrews conduct airdrop currency training on a regular basis. At these training missions both CDS bundles and platforms for heavy equipment can be dropped, as well as paratroopers, allowing HAW and in this case also Hungarian Defense Forces valuable currency training without leaving home station.