Director Logistics - outstanding performance recognized

15 January 2018

NSPA General Manager Mr. Peter Dohmen formally recognized the exceptional and outstanding contribution of Mr. Rudolf Maus during his tenure as the NSPA Director of Logistics Operations from January 5th 2015 until December 31st 2017 during a recent celebratory kick-off event where two new logistics directorates were launched,

The citation on the Certificate of Achievement read in part: It is a testament to his exemplary leadership qualities in guiding and directing the Agency’s largest Directorate, his tireless efforts and dedication as well as his strategic vision which paved the way to unprecedented business development and capability building. His stakeholder engagement in Life Cycle Management as well as Support to Operations are particularly noteworthy.

"I particularly appreciated his vision for the future and his contribution to the development of the Agency’s Strategic Direction. I am certain that, as the new director of the Life Cycle Management Directorate, he will meet with even more success and positive results." highlighted Mr. Dohmen.

"I am grateful for this award, which I see as an award for all members of the Logistics Operations Business Unit. Every team-member in the programs and at the staff contributed to the success of tremendous growth and business development. Many thanks to all supporters." said Mr. Maus.

Effective 1 January Mr. Maus becomes the Director of the Life Cycle Management Directorate - one of the two newly established Directorates at the Agency.