Agency band supports Special Olympics Luxembourg

07 December 2017

The NSPA Music Club was recently invited to perform at a charity function for more than 90 members of the Special Olympics Luxembourg. "It was a wonderful and humbling experience which we all tremendously enjoyed from start to finish," explained band member, Mr. Lloyd Laurent.  "We wish all the Luxembourg’s Special Olympians the best of luck!" he added.

As a member of both Special Olympics Luxembourg and the 51 international Service Club, Mme Zezinha de Sena was asked to try and organise a Father Christmas party. Music was provided by the NSPA band and Scouts.  "The Special Olympians are all truly grateful for the support given by members of 51 Int'l, Telstar Scouts and Special Olympics Volunteers, who helped make this a fantastic event." Everyone was having a such a great time that the "Kleeschen and the Houseker" arrived to hand out goodies.