GM wraps up successful trip to Turkey

31 October 2017

NSPA General Manager, Mr. Peter DOHMEN, along with Deputy Director Logistics Operations, Mr. Orhan MURATLI travelled recently to Turkey to meet with key NSPA stakeholders there. Many meetings and visits were organized with government and military officials including the Deputy Undersecretary Major General Göksel Kahya and senior staff from the Turkish Ministry of National Defence, both the Director of Plans and Policy, Lieutenant General Yavuz TÜRKGENCİ and the Chief of Logistics, Rear Admiral Hasan Nihat DOĞAN from Turkish General Staff, Commander of Turkish Land Forces Logistic Command, Brigadier General Sıtkı VARLI, Commander of Turkish Air Forces Logistic Command, Lieutenant General Yılmaz ÖZKAYA, Commodore Bülent OLCAY from the Turkish Coast Guard HQ and the Deputy Undersecretary Serdar DEMİREL for Defence Industries.

“These types of visits are a key element of ensuring customer satisfaction and to both recognize accomplishments and agree areas where closer coordination and cooperation may be required.” said Mr. Dohmen. “The visit was a great opportunity for Turkey to engage face to face with the Agency to discuss many different topics of mutual interest and to coordinate our business.” added Colonel Mustafa YONTAR Turkey’s Country Liaison Officer at NSPA.