NSPA fuel team delivers quick support

19 July 2017

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency Fuel Team supporting Kosovo Forces (KFOR) was called into action in June to support an exercise at Rajlovac Helicopter Base in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The exercise required aircraft fuel support to several aircraft including three different helicopters, Ospreys, Black Hawks, and Chinooks, fuel distribution to generators, communications equipment and fuel retail operations for host nation special police vehicles.  Within two weeks the team organized the required clearances, visas, and then mobilized and traveled through Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina with a convoy made up of uploaded military fuel trucks and fuel tankers.

"NSPA’s quick response proved once again that we can quickly project support to any location and to tailor support packages to meet customers’ unique requirements. This latest effort in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a huge success and the team received accolades from all participants." highlighted Mr. Brian McMurry, NSPA Fuels Project Lead.

In recent years, the NSPA Fuel Team in KFOR has expanded its support to include all of the Kosovo Forces camps, over-the-horizon forces (exercise) support in Albania and into air operations in Pristina and various other remote locations where aircraft needed refueling.