NSPA hosts Belgian industry and diplomatic delegation

15 May 2017

"The activities of the Belgian Industry with NSPA reflect, in my view, its dynamism and diversity." highlighted Mr Peter Dohmen, NSPA General Manager, in his welcoming remarks at the Belgian Industry Day hosted by NSPA last week.

Industry representatives from 57 companies affiliated with Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX), Brussels Invest & Export (BIE) and Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) had an opportunity to learn about the role of the Agency, its organizational design and planning framework.

The Belgian Industry Day was organized by the NSPA Procurement Directorate in cooperation with the Embassy of Belgium in Luxembourg, NSPA Belgian Liaison Officers and Trade Agencies AWEX, BIE and FIT. NSPA welcomed Mr Pieter De Crem, State Secretary of Foreign Trade, Mr Mathias Haerynck, Political and Economic Counsellor at the Embassy of Belgium in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Colonel Filip De Vare and Major Bart Van Cauter from the Belgian Ministry of Defence along with representatives from Trade Agencies AWEX, BIE and FIT: Ms Dominique Tourneur, Mr Frédéric Biava, Mr Olivier Costa and Mr Steve Mattens.

"After we provided an overview of NSPA activities and procurement rules, we were asked to facilitate many bilateral meetings – which proved very successful based on the feedback I received immediately afterward." explained Mr. Patrick Fesquet, NSPA’s Director of Procurement.

"This was an excellent opportunity for Belgian companies and I am extremely grateful to NSPA for hosting this event." highlighted Secretary De Crem.