NSPA fuels UK troops in NATO’s Defence and Deterrence mission

30 March 2017

NSPA’s fuels team provided the UK troops arriving in Estonia their first "squirt" as they rolled off ships before onward movement to bases where they will call home for the foreseeable future.

The Operational Planning and Support Programme team has been working in support of the UK, taking on a role normally performed by the military, and demonstrating the agility and flexibility of NSPA to support forward base troops as part of the NATO Defence and Deterrence mission.    Once forces are in place, NSPA will provide theatre-level support in Estonia to British, French and Danish troops that will include fueling everything from tanks to rental cars.

In the near future, as exercises start, NSPA may be called upon to provide additional support to units such as the Very High Readiness Task Force in the Baltics.