NSPA / OCCAR meet to discuss Risk Management

10 March 2017

The Chief of Staff, Mr. Chris Rose, together with the Risk Management Tiger Team travelled to the Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'ARmement (OCCAR) in Bonn to share information on Risk Management procedures and lessons learned.

The OCCAR team, consisting of the Deputy Director, Mr. Otfried Wohlleben, the Programme Manager, Mr. Markus Neckening, and the OCCAR Risk Manager, Mr. Francisco Anton Brage, provided a very helpful presentation and demonstration of their system, which has been in place for more than ten years. They also provided many helpful tips on risk management problems faced in their acquisition programmes and how to address them.

The NSPA team presented the progress made so far and some of the issues faced by the additional complexity of types of business within the Agency. This was a very positive meeting and an excellent opportunity to share lessons learned and an chance to discuss some issues of broader interest.