NSPA hosts Committee meeting and Green Day event

24 October 2016

NSPA recently hosted the 6th meeting of the Demilitarization, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) Support Partnership (SP).

During the two-day meeting many topics were discussed relating to the policy and governance of the SP and participants were also updated on developments within the Agency relating to Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency (EPEE) activities. The Committee reinforced importance of these issues which are receiving more scrutiny than ever before from the public in all nations. The committee extended its appreciation and fully endorsed NSPA's efforts in this area.

On the second day of the Committee meeting, NSPA's Green Day was held and included presentations and an exhibition from industry on a range of activity related to the ‘Reuse, Resale and Recycling’ (R3) of surplus military equipment and material. NSPA's Chief of Staff, Mr. Chris Rose, opened the session highlighting the issue of shrinking defence budgets and the role that D3 and R3 could play in mitigating this situation by both reducing the costs of storing and maintaining surplus equipment and creating revenue streams through judicial disposal methods. 

Sixteen industry representatives from seven countries also highlighted their activities in both D3 and R3. National representatives from Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey attended the Green Day 2016 event.