Agencies cooperate to deliver C-IED mobile detection capabilities to NATO

12 October 2016

NSPA recently collaborated with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) on a project to acquire Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) mobile detection equipment for NATO Response Forces.

The NATO Commands entrusted the two agencies to deliver this critical capability to NATO through a common funded project. The state of the art equipment is a self-powered mobile X-Ray system, built onto a Mercedes truck chassis and specifically designed for cargo inspection. A truly joint venture, NCI Agency is the project lead and NSPA’s Communications, Air and Missile Defence Programme assisted in acceptance of the requirement and advised on the in-service support after Final Acceptance of the equipment.

This mobile system forms part of NATO Capability Package CP 9A1102 – designed to provide NATO personnel with equipment able to detect improvised explosive devices and threatening materials concealed on persons, luggage or vehicles; this equipment can be used on NATO deployments where enhanced security is a requirement. 
This equipment will be technically supported from NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC) in Taranto, Italy. A comprehensive training package is also incorporated into this project whereby SOC staff and programme staff from NSPA’s Communications, Air and Missile Defence Programme and other military personnel will be instructed on the set-up, basic operation and maintenance and train-the-trainer of this highly complex equipment.