GM and executives visit NSPA operations in Afghanistan

04 October 2016

General Manager Mr. Peter Dohmen recently visited NSPA’s main operational centres in Afghanistan at Hamid Karzai International Aiport (HKIA), the Resolute Support Mission Headquarters in Kabul, and Kandahar Airfield to meet with NSPA staff who are delivering logistics services in support of NATO and partner operations and to engage with key stakeholders and customers.

"It was very important to visit our small team of deployed staff who are providing key support NATO and partner operations," explained Mr. Dohmen. "Over the four days I had the opportunity to meet and discuss a lot of topics with our team in theatre and I was very impressed by their capabilities and enthusiasm to fulfill their tasks," he said. The General Manager was accompanied by Mr. Rudi MAUS, Director of Logistics Operations, and Mr. Jim SHIELDS, Programme Manager for NSPA’s Operational Logistics Planning and Support Programme.  “It is remarkable that a small NSPA team is managing such a wide variety of services executed by several thousand contractors which means our military footprint of the customers can be reduced and economies of scale can be achieved by consolidating customer requirements."

In Kabul and in Kandahar Mr. Dohmen received briefings from NSPA staff on the full range of logistics support provided across Kabul, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif.  "This was a great opportunity to hear first-hand how our services are being executed. It also highlighted to me where we can sharpen our focus to demonstrate our commitment to these key customers that NSPA is very motivated to meet their requirements quickly and cost-effectively," Dohmen elaborated.

In Kandahar, Mr. Dohmen also met with key leaders and NSPA staff. "Having an understanding of the training and advisory mission and our support to air operations - which provides its own unique challenges - are both very important for our situational awareness to ensure we are meeting our customer and stakeholder requirements," Dohmen concluded.