Integrated Training System successfully delivered to the Italian Air Force

15 July 2016

NSPA’s General and Cooperative services programme successfully delivered an Integrated Training System (ITS) package to the Italian Air Force (ITAF).

The system includes a Flight Simulator and three Tecnam P2006T aircraft, provided to the Italian Air Force under a ‘dry lease arrangement whereby the aircraft are operated under a so called “power by the hour” formula. The system is planned to deliver 1200 flight hours and 600 synthetic flight hours to ITAF per year in accordance with their Integrated Pilot Training System (IPTS) 2020 guidelines for the implementation of a new multi-engine aircraft training programme for the licensing of military pilots.

Additionally, the ITS will reduce the cost of ITAF’s training support services while maintaining high quality standards and by ensuring a completely Integrated Logistic Support service for a fixed sum per flying hour. This will also enable ITAF to more accurately forecast training costs and reduce its requirement to purchase stocks of engines and accessories.