SOC completes Role 1 medical facility training

02 June 2016

Initial training for the Role 1 Medical Treatment Facility, which is part of the NATO Deployable Large HQs camps, took place in mid-May at NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC), in Taranto, Italy.

The medical facility consists of ten specialized connected containers, which form workspaces and rooms for emergency and doctor services, administration, pharmacy, sterilization, laboratory and ablutions. These rooms are furnished and equipped in accordance with modern medical standards. Seven SOC staff members were trained to unpack, set-up, maintain, tear-down and re-pack all of the equipment. They also ensured that this facility can be transferred to other users such as medical teams and Multinational Integrated Medical Units (MIMUs) if required.

The combination of the SOC trainees’ high motivation level and effective contractor-delivered training by KARBOX ensured successful conduct of the initial training session. The knowledge and skills gained by the SOC staff will be used to enhance this capability in support of future NATO operations and exercises.