NSPA welcomes DCOS Support from Brunssum

27 May 2016

NSPA welcomed Major General Walter J. OHM, Deputy Chief of Staff for Support, Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), this week. Major General OHM met Mr, Rudolf Maus, the Director of Logistics Operations, and was given an overview of NSPA activities in support of JFCBS. Main topics discussed included NSPA capabilities, products and services; ongoing support to the mission in Afghanistan; NSPA’s support to NATO’s Readiness Action Plan; as well as the support provided by the embedded Contractor Integrator structure.

“This visit was a great opportunity to inform Major General Ohm about the current status of the agency and its contribution to major areas of interest for JFCBS and to exchange views on current developments.” explained Mr. Maus.