Exercise Steadfast Fortitude enhances NATO's deployable capability

09 May 2016

Last month, NSPA's Southern Operational Centre held the first of a two-part exercise to train users of the Deployable Camps which form NATO's Capability Package 156. The exercise entailed the build-up of a small remote site camp which was set up within the 65th Italian Air Force Fuel Depot which offered a highly realistic training ground.

This year, in addition to being trained on the equipment and systems which make up the Deployable Camps, the participants also had a chance to participate in a two-day seminar to establish future training courses that will prepare for changes in NATO’s deployable capability. The seminar focused on the following aspects:

  • Understanding the methods for deriving base camp requirements
  • Understanding how to develop a logistic support plan
  • Understanding how to organize a base camp

The training audience for this seminar included personnel from the NATO Command Structure, and NATO Force Structure Headquarters and members of the NATO Signal Battalions (CP 149) also participated.

“Both these training events were carried out successfully and allows the SOC team to implement new training concepts which will continue to enhance NATO’s ability to deploy with these camps,” explained, Mr. Renato LEPORE, the Commanding Officer of the NSPA Southern Operational Centre. The exercise also benefitted from great co-operation and support from the Italian Air Force which resulted in a smoothly run exercise, he added.