Fuel services expand in Kosovo

11 February 2016

NSPA’s Operational Logistics Planning and Support Program, Engineering and Fuels section, recently expanded its fuel operations role in Kosovo. Beginning on 1 February, fuel operations began at U.S. Camp Bondsteel in support of Kosovo Forces (KFOR). This 17-million-litre-a-year service also includes increased fuel and infrastructure development.

NSPA’s fuel services at Camp Bondsteel include refueling more than190 sites (located both on and off camp), flight-line refueling of helicopters, management of a bulk storage facility and operation of the camp petrol station. Additionally, NSPA will supervise the transition of the bulk fuel storage area from bladders to steel tanks with the installation of the tanks due to be completed by 1 May 2016. The fuel services at Camp Bondsteel represent the largest NATO fuel operation in the Balkans and employ more than 40 local nationals.