NSPA supports Slovenian Armed Forces helicopter overhaul

26 January 2016

Last year NSPA’s Aviation Support Programme facilitated the award of a contract to RUAG  Aviation in Switzerland for the overhaul of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Cougar AS-5322 AL helicopter fleet.

Work on the the first helicopter began in September 2015 and NSPA successfully completed the overhaul which included the helicopter’s two Makila 1A1 engines.  This led to a successful acceptance of the helicopter by the SAF in January 2016 at RUAG Aviation facilities in Alpnach in Switzerland.

At the helicopter acceptance event the SAF expressed their gratitude to NSPA for the support provided during the overhaul. The Aviation Support Programme will continue providing ongoing support to the SAF AS-532 AL helicopter fleet via the three-year contract which has the potential to be extended to cover a five year period.