Certificate of appreciation to the SOC Deployable Teams

21 December 2015

NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC) Deployable Teams deployed in Zaragoza and Beja were recently recognized for their arduous and excellent work supporting  Exercise Trident Juncture 2015. A certificate of appreciation was presented from General ROSSMANITH, Commander, Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm on behalf of the Commander, Joint Force Brunssum, General DOMRÖSE.

General Rossmanith, Chief of Staff for the Live EX of TRJE 15, expressed his deepest gratitude for the immense support and dedication demonstrated by the small SOC team during the whole exercise period, his words "your work and support has ensured and contributed to a successful Exercise, well done" went out to a proud Deployment Team.
The SOC deployed a total of 39 staff between 24th July and 11th December 2015 to Zaragoza Air Base and Beja, Portugal in support of the exercise. The operational phases in both locations were supported by a continuous team made up of 1 Team Chief and 7 technicians in Zaragoza and 1 Team Chief and 2 technicians in Beja, which provided nonstop provision of expertise and support to the Real Life Support Operations.