NSPA staff support Command Post Exercise

11 December 2015

Staff from NSPA’s Operational Logistics Planning & Support Programme Office participated in “Talos-15” – a Command Post Exercise (CPX) held in Nea Santa, Greece, in late November.

Under the auspices of the Operational Logistics support Partnership (OLSP) Mr. Valsamis Theotokis participated in the Final Planning Event and also the Exercise. The CPX focused on military planning and assessment processes required in the deployment of a European Union military force including the associated force HQ. The scenario involved a multinational approach to include commercial support options delivered by NSPA under the OLSP-umbrella.

The training audience consisted of military units from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and the Ukraine in a brigade-size force.

The EU Battlegroup Concept outlines that the certification of battlegroups remains a Framework Nations' responsibility, the CPX "Talos-15" also facilitated the successful verification of the Readiness and Preparedness of the HELBROC Battlegroup to undertake any EU-led Crisis Management Operations during the first semester of 2016. A European Battlegroup is a specific form of the EU's rapid response elements and is one possible answer to the timely provision of the necessary capabilities for an EU rapid response operation.