NSPA team supports 1st German/Netherland Corps

11 December 2015

Staff from NSPA’s Logistics Planning and Support Programme recently supported the 1st German/Netherlands Corps and participated in the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) training session in Muenster, Germany from 16 – 20 November 2015.

During the academic sessions 1st DEU / NLD Corps “led” the training audience branch-by-branch, unit-by-unit through the JLSG to develop a common understanding of the JLSG mission and key tasks.

NSPA staff were specifically supporting the 1st DEU / NLD Corps and their staff involved in the event to ensure Headquarters and unit staff are prepared to support the corps during their Long Term Rotation Plan commitment in 2017-18. To prepare the 1st DEU / NLD Corps for this important task there will be additional exercises such as  Exercise Truthful Sword which will take place in Germany in April 2016. OLSP staff not only supported these academic sessions but also provided a comprehensive presentation on potential NSPA Commercial Support Options.

NSPA’s support was delivered under the aegis of the Operational Logistics support Partnership (OLSP).