Solar Powered Tent Testing at Capellen and NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC)

11 November 2015

NSPA’s General & Cooperative Services Programme (LB), is implementing a project to test the power output of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels mounted on military tents in Capellen and Taranto. 

The objective of the project is to measure the amount of power that can be produced by a tent mounted flexible panel photovoltaic (PV) system suitable for use in a military environment such as that of CP156, Rapidly Deployable Camps. From this information, NSPA will determine the “pay-back” period for such an investment. This information will be used to better understand the potential benefit gained from the implementation of this type of technology throughout NATO’s deployable camps.

The two systems will be setup and operated for minimum of 6 months at two NSPA locations; Capellen, Luxembourg and SOC, Taranto, Italy.  The power produced will be measured and recorded. The tests are planned to start in February 2016.