Planning conference key to exercise success

02 July 2015

NSPA staff from Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP) participated in the recent Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for the Command Post Exercise Logistics Exchange or LOGEX 17. 

LOGEX 17 is directed by US Joint Staff and focuses on Partnership for Peace (PfP) Nations and the fulfilment of NATO Partnership Goals. LOGEX 17 comprises of a suite of workshops culminating in a Command Post Exercise that will be conducted in May 2017.

“This planning conference is an important step to ensure we are ready to go during the upcoming exercise.” explained Mr. Fred Van Der Hoek, one of the programme’s Principal Planning Officers. The Training Audience (TA) consists of logisticians from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Finland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia and Sweden.

During the IPC the LOGEX 2017 exercise specifications (EXSPECs) were developed and they include the training objective “train the TA on the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) to include multinational commercial support solutions delivered through NSPA as CI for ACO and OLSP-Nations” reflecting the Agency’s role in (planning for) Operations.


NSPA staff is responsible for providing planning support to selected events from the suite of LOGEX 17 preparatory activities to include the Comprehensive Operational Planning Directive (COPD) workshop.