NSPA tasked with €15M simulator system upgrade

19 June 2015

A team from NSPA’s Log Ops Aviation Support Programme participated in the Joint Executive Committee (JEC) Meeting in Lisbon for the CAE-built Lynx helicopter full-mission flight trainer.

Earlier this year, NSPA awarded a €15M contract to CAE to provide on-site maintenance services, logistics support and visual database development services for the Lynx helicopter Full Mission Flight Trainer based at Nordholz Naval Air Station in Germany. During the JEC, programme staff reported on the performance of the contract and the JEC complimented NSPA on the level of support being provided. 

In addition, NSPA has now been tasked with the management of a €15M upgrade to the Joint Lynx Simulator Training Establishment.

This upgrade will consist of a new host-computer including hardware and software modifications. Furthermore the simulator cockpit will be upgraded up to the “Premium MU90” standard of the operational helicopter.  Also included will be the upgrade of the simulator’s sonar and “Bendix Station”, which is a stand-alone training station for sonar operators that can also be used in conjunction with the flight simulator to facilitate a realistic crew training environment.