NSPA completes last phase of airfield restoration

18 June 2015

In the framework of the NATO Security Investment Program the Lielvarde Airfield Restoration Project in Latvia was approved in order to develop the capabilities of the airfield based on NATO and national operational requirements.

From 2009 – 10, and within the framework of the NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP), NSPA’s General & Cooperative Services Programme has worked on a number of projects divided into ‘blocks’ to repair and improve the existing facilities at Lielvarde.  These projects included the construction of taxiways and parking platforms, a number of aprons, as well as the procurement and installation of the related equipment which have been completed.

The last block, the construction of the Jet Fuel Storage Facility marks the last phase of the Lielvarde Airfield Restoration Project. The contract was awarded in April 2014, and construction was completed in June 2015. The system is now undergoing the final stages of commissioning and acceptance. Handover of the facility to the Latvian MOD will be completed in July 2015.

The Lielvarde Air Force Base is located 65 km south east of the Latvian capital, Riga.  The airfield was built in 1979 and was used as a base for former USSR fighter and air transport unit.  Currently it is used for light aircraft traffic, parachute training, and as a home base for Search and Rescue helicopters of LNAF.