5th NLSE Conference in Muenster explores new markets and business groups

22 April 2015

NSPA’s General & Cooperative Services Programme recently held a series of meetings during the 5th NATO Logistics Stock Exchange Conference in Muenster, Germany. The conference, which coincided with the 32nd COMMIT Support Partnership Committee and the 22nd Random Brokerage Services Users' Conference was held in conjunction with the Defense EXPO and IPOMEX (Law Enforcement Exhibition) exhibitions which featured 125 international exhibitors.

More than 1500 visitors from all NATO countries and PfP (Partnership for Peace) nations attended the NLSE Conference / Defense EXPO. “The decision to hold the NLSE Conference / Defense EXPO in conjunction with the IPOMEX (Law Enforcement Exhibition) has certainly opened the door to new markets and business groups across the supply chain.” explained Programme Manager, Dr. Bülent TÜDES.

The NLSE conference has also been the venue for different User Group activities involving the logistics management of different types of equipment. These user groups include the 4th Dismounted Soldier Equipment User Group, the 45th Land Systems User Group and the 11th BV Sub-Committee, as well as workshops and dedicated training.

The conference facilitated an improvement in communication between suppliers and customers and presented both with new networking opportunities to implement Cooperative Logistics concepts for item acquisition and management. From participating in this conference, suppliers may now benefit from a larger potential market and customers will have access to a much greater range of technologies and solutions to fulfill their needs.

The NLSE conference was officially opened by Dr. TÜDES and was also attended by a many media representatives.  As a result the event received significant media coverage and exposure in Germany and broadcasted an extremely positive image of both NSPA and NATO.