NLSP to support voyage commemorating tragedy

26 March 2015

In 1890 the frigate Ertuğrul of the Ottoman Empire sailed to Japan to deliver a gift to the Japanese Emperor from the Sultan Abdulhamid II. After delivering their gift and receiving one in exchange for the Sultan, the Ertuğrul began its return voyage.

Two days later they were caught in a typhoon whilst still off the Japanese coast and, after losing their sails, the frigate drifted onto a reef and sank.  This tragic maritime accident resulted in the loss of 533 sailors, including Admiral Ali Osman Pasha.

The event is still commemorated as a foundation stone of Japanese-Turkish friendship. The friendship between the two nations remains strong, and to mark the 125th Anniversary of the tragedy, the Turkish Navy will be sending the frigate TCG Gediz on a commemorative voyage to Tokyo to start in early April. There will be 18 port visits in 14 different countries en route with many high level visitations and special events arranged by the in-country Turkish Embassies.

To ensure smooth support the Turkish Navy has especially requested that NSPA’s General and Cooperative Services Programme, Naval Logistic Support Team provide the logistics support to this voyage.  “The NLSP is proud to provide support the Turkish Navy and this mission.” explained Programme Manager Mr. Bülent TÜDES.