Construction begins on C-17 hangar

22 January 2015

After three years of careful and gruelling preparation and design, the next phase in the construction of a new C-17 size hangar complex at Pápa Air Base, Hungary, will start as part of the Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) Infrastructure Development Project.

The bidding process caught the interest of 21 companies in the construction field. Following the successful bidding, supported by the common effort of NSPA Infrastructure teams in Pápa, Hungary and Capellen, Luxembourg, the contract was awarded to the Hungarian company KESZ. KESZ has successfully completed projects for Ferihegy Budapest International Airport, Audi, Mercedes, LEGO, Procter & Gamble and Hankook.

SAC is a showcase of future consortium ownership of high-value defence assets and combined operations. Participants in the programme have assured access to military airlift provided by the three C-17 Globemaster III long-range cargo jets. The NATO Airlift Management (NAM) Programme, an integral part of NSPA, is responsible for managing and supporting the C-17 weapon system and for providing financial, logistical, procurement, information technology and administrative services to the operator of the aircraft, the multi-national Heavy Airlift Wing.

The new C-17 size hangar enable aircraft maintenance at Pápa Airbase and thereby lower maintenance costs and facilitate more efficient SAC airlift operations. In addition to the hangar itself, the construction project will include a supply, storage and maintenance building, offices and a Life Support building. The project is to be completed in 2016.

The contract being signed by Mr. Mustafa Oktay, NSPA Contracting Officer and Mr. László Szalados, KESZ Chief Executive Officer in the presence of both project teams lead by Mr. Zsolt Bencze, NAM Infrastructure Officer and Mr. Zoltán Sáray, KESZ Project Director. The involved Project Teams