Programme successfully completes major radar project

09 January 2015

NSPA’s Communications, Air and Missile Defence Programme (LD) successfully completed a complex project to replace the Main Bearing of a Hellenic Air Force radar antenna.

The project was initiated in the framework of the Vibration Analysis (VA) tests, a condition-based maintenance approach fully developed and managed by LD Programme Engineers.

Thanks to this approach, the life of this critical and expensive part had already been extended from 12 to 20 years, where the VA tests showed the bearing was approaching a critical failure zone. Timely replacement was essential to avoid that failure occurring during winter when, due to the location of the site on the top of a mountain, replacement would have been impossible. As a result of the unavailability of the original equipment manufacturer (to perform the work at the required time) assistance from NSPA was sought.

“The excellent technical skills and commitment of the programme staff ensured the radar could remain in operation – otherwise the site might have been non-operational until summer 2015.” explained Branch Chief, Luciano Pizziolo.

The project was successfully completed well ahead of schedule, under budget and and in full compliance with the prescribed quality standards. “Lessons Learned” from this complex project reinforced the benefits of careful analysis of project risks, planning ahead for contingencies and attention to detail.