Conference held with Industry and operational staff

15 December 2014

The 6th conference on “Logistics Support of Operations by Industry” was held recently at NSPA and was designed to improve knowledge of and exchange information on the mechanisms and frameworks used in NATO and Industry to support operations.

This year’s conference on the 27th and 28th of November was attended by 73 high ranking representatives of industry from 55 companies and various key NATO representatives.

Due to the changing security environment, the conference focused on mid- and long-term initiatives, without omitting NSPA support to current operations. High ranking guest speakers gave detailed insight into their subject areas, which were complemented by NSPA specialists’ presentations.  Industry representatives expressed their broad satisfaction with the conference which is a unique forum for exchanges on contractor support to operations. It is planned to host the 7th NSPA conference on this subject at the end of 2015.