NSPA facilitates Montenegrin ammunition demilitarisation in Albania

09 December 2014

The final rounds of Montenegrin canon ammunition were demilitarised in the Explosive Waste Incinerator in Albania on December 4th.

Achieving this level of cooperation between the Albanian and Montenegrin Ministries of Defence is a significant achievement and permitted NSPA to successfully broker the deal under the US-sponsored NATO Trust Fund project in Albania.

The 50,380 rounds of Montenegrin 20 mm armour piercing cannon ammunition (approx. 17 tonnes) were shipped to the large Government-owned ammunition incinerator -ULP Mjekes in central Albania on Tuesday 25th November.  Following some confirmatory safety tests, the cannon rounds were fed into the incinerator at a high rate.  Working three shifts per day, the work was soon completed without incident. 

Although only a modest quantity of ammunition, this ‘Pilot Project’ demonstrated Albania’s willingness to allow specialist ammunition demilitarisation at the government owned factory now that the huge Albanian backlog has been completed.  Albania’s Defence Minister Ms. Mimi Kodheli visited on Dec 2nd and Montenegro’s Deputy Minister for Material Resources visited ULP Mjekes on Dec 3rd.  During her visit, Defense Minister, Mimi Kodheli indicated that she was very optimistic about the opportunities offered to the Albanian government with the successful completion of this pilot project.

The whole operation was overseen by independent observers and a certificate of disposal was provided by ULP Mjekes, countersigned by NSPA under established procedures.