NSPA expands scope of airport services in northern Afghanistan

05 December 2014

NSPA’s long-standing engagement with and support for the military airbase in Mazar-e-Sharif (MeS), in Northern Afghanistan has continued to evolve in the area of airport services.

In recent years NSPA has delivered significant engineering projects including a new runway, and a food services support contract for Norway. Now Logistic Operations (LO) is mobilizing Airport Services Contracts. 

Following a request from the German Bundeswehr, the LO team put together a package to provide (NATO common-funded) contracted services for Air Traffic Management which include METEO, Flight Safety Management, Fire Crash Rescue (aviation and structural) and (nationally-funded) Flight Line Support to include Follow Me, Combined Air Terminal Operations (CATO) and airfield support services.

With the contractors starting in mid-November, Initial Operating Capability (IOC) was achieved on 01 Dec 2014, under the stewardship of NSPA Technical Officers Mr. Buddy Kemple and Mr. Gerry Holden.  Host nation support for this partnership has been very supportive to date and full Operating Capability (FOC) is targeted for the beginning of Jan 2015.