Technical training organized by NSPA at Southern Operational Centre

07 November 2014

As the Host Nation for the implementation of NATO’s deployable camps, NSPA LB General & Cooperative Services Programme, has organized a multi-project ‘train the trainer’ exercise for the Southern Operational Centre (SOC) staff in Taranto from 27 Oct to 21 Nov 14.

This training involves the large (500 man) camp kitchen facility, the Deployable Air Command & Control Unit (DARS) kitchen, three different types of ablutions, the camps sewage collection & water distribution system and the vehicle wash-rack system.

The sewage collection & water distribution system is one of the ‘key’ projects within CP156. The deployment site selection and/or modifications as the camp layout will be driven by the system pre-requisites. The Vehicle Wash-Rack was designed to clean, up to two (2) 40 ton trucks simultaneously with an embedded water recycling system. The kitchens and ablutions are, of course, essential for camp life.

This training exercise will further enhanced the proficiency of the SOC staff, and bring them another step closer to fulfilling the SHAPE requirement of the deployable teams to be fully capable of deploying and maintaining CP 156 assets.