NSPA takes on ISO container recertification

23 October 2014

NSPA’s General & Cooperative Services Programme (LB) has been designated as Host Nation for the implementation of several projects from the several NATO Capability Packages (CP).

As of today, LB is managing the certification of 1500+ containers stored at different NATO sites including:

  • NSPA Southern Operational Centre in  Taranto, Italy
  • Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC), in Poggio, Renatico, Italy
  • NATO CIS (Communication and Information Systems) Group (NCISG) with remote locations in Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, Germany

For fast, easy and secured deployment, the majority of the equipment in these locations is stored in various types of 20ft ISO containers (one-end opening, both-ends opening, one end plus “full” side opening, etc.)  Each container used for international transport must have a valid safety approval Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) plate. In accordance with the international CSC directives, the CSC re-inspection must be carried out not later than 5 years after the manufacturing and every 2.5 years thereafter. In order to oversee this activity, a container management system has been established to ensure the readiness of all containers.

In September, the programme finalized an Outline Agreement contract facilitating the ISO containers re-certification anywhere in the NATO European nations. The first contract has been issued for 277 containers stored at NSPA Southern Operational Centre.