New Fuel facility opens in KFOR

24 September 2014

NSPA General Manager, Mike Lyden participated in the ceremonial ribbon cutting of the newest fuel facility at Camp Novo Selo (CNS) last week.

The fuel facility was put into place in accordance with NATO and host nation standards in 40 days, demonstrating the responsiveness of NSPA and contracted fuel-supplier ExFis.  It is  the result of the CNS Participant Board decision in early May 2014 to replace the French Bulk Fuel Installation which supports Kosovo Forces (KFOR) operations at CNS (also known as Camp Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny). 

The Depot represents the first fuel depot built in KFOR on a multinational basis that is not NATO Common Funded.  The new BFI allows for operational and security stock holding to support northern Kosovo and uses the latest technology used in terms of product quality, safety and ease of operation.