GM visits SOC and Camp Novo Selo

23 September 2014

General Manager Mike Lyden visited NSPA operations at the Southern Operational Centre in Italy and Camp Novo Selo in Kosovo last week along with a small team from NSPA.

In addition to meeting with SOC staff and receiving an updated briefing and tour of the Deployable Camp operations, the GM was briefed on new developments such as additional deployable teams, linking deployable teams to the provision of real life support and potential expansion of training for ACO personnel. “It’s clear that NSPA and the SOC are ready to support NATO’s rapid response to any crisis with NATO’s rapidly deployable equipment and camp capability packages should we be tasked to do so.” observed Mr Jim Shields, Programme Manager, Operations Planning Office. 

During the visit, Mr Shields was also able to meet with the SOC Team working nearby in support of exercise EAGLE JOKER. “Exercises like this give the SOC members a chance to practice on the equipment in very realistic training environments.”    

From Taranto, the GM travelled to Camp Novo Selo and KFOR HQ in Kosovo. In addition to a camp tour and orientation to operations the GM and party met with the Commander and Deputy Commander of KFOR, as well as the Camp Novo Selo Commander. While in KFOR the GM participated in the inauguration ceremony of the new bulk Fuel Installation. “I'm extremely pleased with the rapid and seamless transition of CNS camp services, as well as the robust and reliable fuel services we can provide to the operations here.” said Mr Lyden.