GM and Directors visit Joint Force Command Brunssum

16 September 2014

General Manager Mike Lyden and several NSPA executives visited Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum last week.

The objective was to obtain an update on their activities in the context of ISAF, Resolute Support Mission, the NATO Response Force and Regional Focus issues and to discuss ongoing and future support from NSPA. The visitors were provided with an update by NSPA Representative Jo Kneepkens and met with the Commander, General Hans-Lothar Domröse and Deputy Chief of Staff Support, Major General De Cicco.

The visit also included meeting with Major General van Griensven, Deputy Chief of Staff Plans.  According to Lyden, “The meeting was a great opportunity to get a detailed update on ongoing operations and to synch our plans for future support.”  Commander JFC Brunssum also clearly expressed satisfaction with the support offered by NSPA.   “Thank you for your great support. We at JFCBS could not do our job without NSPA support.” General Domröse  reiterated.