NSPA and Nordic Camp Supply

15 September 2014

NSPA celebrated a project “kick-off" and contract notification meeting along with Nordic Camp Supply (NCS) related to the second phase of the Provision of Aviation, Ground Fuels and Associated Products to forces operating throughout Afghanistan.

This 13-month NSPA fuel services contract in support of NATO ISAF and Resolute Support Mission forces will include the provision of fuel and base fuel services for the main NATO and Framework nation sites at Kandahar (KAF), Herat (HRT) and Kabul (KAIA).  This multi-million dollar contract will replace the Joint Force Command Brunsuum-managed fuel Basic Ordering Agreements with NSPA along with NCS assuming all NATO fuel services at these locations. This event marks the transition of fuel supply and services from the ISAF mission transitions to Resolute Support and provides benefits, transparency and flexibility in fuel operations to the forces involved.